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A global pandemic grounds the world’s population to their homes for months. Restaurants and bars are hit hard with government imposed forced closures and strict re-opening measures. The big players are fine, they have access to vast funds and departments full of health & safety personnel to steady their businesses and invest in their COVID-secure re-openings, but independents and small groups struggle with lack of appropriate information and the staggering costs of providing PPE and technology solutions for their customers and staff.

That’s where the idea for Drinks To Your Table came from. It’s the brain child of one of our own staff members, who, while craving a cold draft beer during Lockdown, knew the industry would need an end to end solution.

Drinks To Your Table isn’t only a tech solution, but also a full suite of posters and signposting info, website, and curated PPE from trusted vendors.

The main product is the Drinks To Your Table app. It’s a website for customers, allowing extremely simple ordering of food and drinks from a bar menu, no registration needed. It’s a bar app for staff, listing what’s been ordered and where to deliver them to. It’s a documentation portal for bar owners allowing them to customise and print posters, signs and table paraphernalia and it’s an ordering portal for PPE.

All of this was creating with our in-house Incubator team, who worked with the idea, scoped it, created a business plan, created a brand, spec’d out what an MVP would look like and made it all happen. In 2 weeks. Yes TWO WEEKS. From idea to first client onboarded was 15 days. That’s the power of a multidisciplinary team that’s worked together for years!



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