Who we are

We’re a collective of thinkers, analysists, coders, collaborative work-it-outers, see-it-through-ers and system addicts. We’re conscientious and technically minded. We balance imagination with logic and pragmatism. Above all else, we’re commercial, passionate and no nonsense.

What we can do for you

Digital advisory
Product innovation and strategy
Business process revolution
Idea incubation
Architecture strategy
Systems integration
Platform migration
Full stack development
UX/UI design
App creation
Customer journey mapping
Product management
Security/Privacy/GDPR auditing
Penetration testing

We’re individuals – and we bring with us individual thinking.

We’re grafters.

We’re small but mighty.

Our agile approach means that we get stuff done. Fast.

We don’t believe in distracting our clients with unnecessarily bureaucratic project management.

Our team

We’re a collective of highly experienced and creative individuals, even if we do say so ourselves. We’ve worked together for 20 years now. We’re close.

All of this means that we truly appreciate the power of trusted partnerships and believe that at the heart of every successful project is collaboration.

This is something we’re extremely passionate about. We think it can change the way you work. Purpose and passion.

We’re in if you are?


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